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Big Data: Important to Your Business or Just Marketing Buzz?

Presented By: Alan D. Rohrer, QBS Research Inc.

ASU SkySong – Room 201
Tuesday, July 22nd

Have you noticed there is an increasing buzz in the world of Sales and Marketing about “Big Data”? Seen any of it? Are you part of it?

Reality today is that there is so much noise in the press and marketing media about big data that it can get pretty confusing to someone who wants to take advantage of it, whatever “it” is.

You can find big data described as a “revolution”, “transformative”, “the next frontier” or equally discussed as a “mistake”, nothing more than “found information”, “transactional data”, “interactive data” or just an obsession with entrepreneurs and scientists.

Wow, so much out there about big data with much of it contradictory, no wonder business folks are scratching their head. Is “Big Data” just the latest industry hype or can you really use it to develop your business?

Join us to separate fact from fiction and hype from reality by looking at “big data” as a tool to assist your sales and marketing efforts to gain the upper hand as you look to create competitive separation and implement your business development strategy.

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